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You have a VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, W-VHS or D-VHS

VHS Cassettes were particularly popular. The period of production is the best proof of that. Only in July 2016 – no less than 40 years after its introduction – the last VHS devices rolled off the assembly line.

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We can find all kinds of cassettes under the term ‘VHS’. For example, think of VHS-C (Compact Cassette), S-VHS (Super VHS), W-VHS (Double VHS) and D-VHS (Digital VHS). Their playing time varies, depending on the tape length and the recording/playing speed. The maximum was somewhere around 8 hours.

Did you know …

… that there were rumours that the VHS won the competition over Betamax because more porn was available on the first?*

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