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PhotoDisc cd-r

The PhotoDisc CD-R first saw the light of day in 2004. This variant of the standard CD-R has a black substrate layer that protects the data from ultra-violet and solar radiation, and a different dye in the recording layer to offer more resistance to heat and sunlight[1].


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Sustainable storage

Optical discs such as the PhotoDisc CD-R are not the best option for the long-term digital storage of photos; it’s better to migrate your photo files on CD-R to more sustainable media such as a hard drive or cloud storage.


Did you know …

… despite what the name suggests, you can also save files other than photos, such as audio and data files, on a PhotoDisc CD-R?

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[1] Museum of Obsolete Media

Met de steun van Vaal nderen en EFRO europees fonds voor regionale ontwikkeling