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You’ve got a MiniDisc

Small, rectangular and chock-full of audio: that is the MiniDisc in a nutshell. It contains digital data, and therefore no analogue signal. Two varieties exist: the optical version which is only readable, and the writable magneto-optical version.

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Music with data

When it comes to music, the MiniDisc had an advantage on other carriers of that time because you could add data. That is how the MiniDisc player showed the title of the current song. Convenient, right?

Up to 80 minutes

The MiniDisc was in use from 1992 onwards. With a total play time of 50, 74 or 80 minutes (depending on the type of carrier), there was enough room for the average music album.

Did you know …

… that the last MiniDisc player was sold in 2003?

Met de steun van Vaal nderen en EFRO europees fonds voor regionale ontwikkeling