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A LaserDisc looks like a CD or DVD, but is almost three times the size. Next to the original version of 12 inch (30 cm), there was also a smaller variety of 8 inch (20 cm). Both sides were written upon. In total, Laserdisc could store 30 to 60 minutes of imagery (depending on the type of disk).

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Short life

This carrier was in use from 1978 until the turn of the century. The LaserDisc was mostly used in commercial recordings. After the introduction of the DVD in 1997 the use of LaserDisc went downhill quickly.

Also known as …

Does the name LaserDisc not ring a bell? Perhaps you know this carrier under a different name: Reflective Optical Videodisc, Laser Videodisc, Laservision, Discovision, VLP or Video long play record.

Did you know …

…that an estimated 16.8 million LaserDisc players were sold worldwide? The LaserDisc was particularly popular in North America and Japan.

Met de steun van Vaal nderen en EFRO europees fonds voor regionale ontwikkeling