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Disposable camera

You have a disposable camera. These single-use cameras come with a built-in film roll, and the so-called ‘Picture Box’ was introduced by Frederick Bierhorst in 1948. Fuji and Kodak also produced disposable cameras made from plastic for the general public from the 1980s, for 135 (35mm) and 110 (16mm) film rolls respectively.

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A little number on the top of the camera shows how many photos you have left. If the counter is on zero, your disposable camera has taken all its photos and you can take it to a lab to have them developed. Note: don’t break the disposable camera open to take the film roll out – the developer will do this for you.


Did you know …

… disposable cameras have successfully stood the test of time – and the digital camera revolution in particular – and are still being produced today? In particular, models that can be used underwater are still very popular.

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