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You have developed film in your hands

At the end of the 1880s, motion picture film was launched. After several decades, this carrier is still used to capture imagery – possibly with a different sound tape. To play it, you need a projector or other playback equipment, like an assembly table.

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Nitrate films

Lots of old 35mm film produced before 1950 contains nitrate. Around 1950, these nitrate films were replaced by acetate film because of the fire hazard. On you will find a comprehensive manual that can help you identifying nitrate films.


Film lasts long when storage conditions (such as temperature and humidity) are right. With acetate film, ‘vinegar syndrome’ is a problem. When this occurs, the film starts to deform slowly and a vinegar smell emerges. Nitrate film can turn into dust or into a sticky, flammable paste. Let alone the damage fungi or rusty storage boxes can do…

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