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The origin of the name “Blu-ray”is not hard to guess: a Blu-ray player uses a blue laser light to read the disk. With a classic DVD and CD, this laser has a red colour.

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Storage capacity

Blu-ray discs (BD) are designed specifically for the capacity of feature films in high resolution: high definition (1080p) or ultra high definition (2160p). With a storage capacity of approximately 25 GB, there is enough room for these types of video files in high quality. It is even possible to write different layers on top of each other, each with a capacity of 75GB. That way one disk can hold over 150 GB. Do you want to etch a family video on a Blu-ray? That is possible! You can overwrite the BD-R (Recordable) and BD-RE (Recordable Erasable) yourself.

Did you know …

… that Blu-ray is not the safest method to preserve data long-term? Neither are CD-R, DVD-R or other variants. Self-written optical discs have a life expectancy of less than 10 years.

More information about Blu-ray discs can be found on Wikipedia and on the Museum of Obsolete Media:

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